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5rr Cash Loophole Review

This week I was lucky enough to be given a review copy of 5rr Cash Loophole, which is a brand new Fiverr course from two of the top Fiverr experts. This course will be going live on Thursday, March 31st at 9am EST. Watch the video or read the article below to find out what this course can offer you.

Launches Thursday, March 31st at 9am EST.


5rr Cash Loophole is brought to you by Fiverr gig gurus Art Flair and Idrees Farooq. Art has been creating bestselling Fiverr courses for some

Art Flair

Art Flair

time now and he’s been responsible for helping many Fiverr sellers to jump-start their careers. You’ve already met Idrees before on this blog because I recently reviewed his Fiverr Gig Ranking Formula 2.0.

5rr Cash Loophole is a very simple step-by-step guide and I was surprised how super-fast the gigs it teaches can be delivered. On the sales page they repeatedly claim that it would only involve working online for 30 minutes per day or less.  I must admit I was a little skeptical of this bold claim, but after seeing the contents of this course, I can say that this claim is 100% true. In fact, if you follow this course exactly, you should be able to deliver your gigs within as little as 2-3 minutes. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Another great benefit of the gigs being taught here is that you don’t need any previous skills, software, websites or email subscribers list. You will only need to make a small investment of around only $5 and this will be made back more or less instantly.

Idrees Farooq

Idrees Farooq

I can’t tell you here what the gigs actually involve, but what I will say is they are providing a service for something which is a part of everyone’s lives. It’s something which continues to grow at a staggering rate and there will never be a shortage of customers. In fact, these gigs are in such high demand that buyers will be coming back over and over again for more!

Inside the course, Art and Idrees also share their secret methods for optimizing your account and gigs, boosting your sales, and ensuring you’ll always have a 5-star rating. This is really important.

When you purchase this course you’ll also receive a free bonus from Art and Idrees and this will be access to their Fiverr Mastermind Group. I’m sure you’ll find a wealth of information in there.

Who would this course benefit?

Well, it would benefit either the complete newbie, who is starting out for the first time on Fiverr or someone who is already selling gigs and is looking to expand by adding other gigs which aren’t going to eat into their time.

Now, all this is very well, but what proof is there that what Art and Idrees is teaching actually works? Just visit the sales page and look the stats posted from Art’s Fiverr accounts. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

Members Area

Members Area

Also with Arts courses, you can be assured that his methods work by looking all the messages he’s received on Facebook from satisfied customers from his previous courses who’ve gone on to successfully start their own money-making businesses on Fiverr. These too can also be seen on the sales page.

I can also personally vouch for Art’s methods because I was lucky enough to see first-hand how he can methodically set up a new Fiverr profile and gig and get it ranking with plenty of customer testimonials in next to no time at all. It’s really easy for him and he’s ensuring that it will be for you, too.

What exactly do you get when you purchase this course?

First you’ll enter a membership area. Here you’ll see an introductory video in which Art walks you through the process of delivering the gigs.

There’s a link above and below this video where you can download the course itself. The course itself consists of a 28-page PDF divided into 6 modules. Art does emphasize that you should read the PDF first before watching the video, but I’m sure, like me, your curiosity will be aroused too much and you’ll watch the video first.

Ignore the contents page in the PDF because it lists the contents incorrectly and you’ll find there’s no module at the end for resources. To be honest, that’s not a big deal anyway because the other free bonuses which come with this course will give you everything you seriously need to know.

I’ve already mentioned one bonus being access to their Fiverr Mastermind Group, but let’s take a look at the others.

These other bonuses consist of three videos which are hosted in the members’ area just below the Introduction video.

These videos are taken from one of Art’s earlier best-selling courses and these will allow you the privilege of having literally an over-the-shoulder view of Art as he does the following:5rrCashLoopholeJPEG2

#1: Account creation

#2: Gig creation

#3: Delivery & promotion

These bonus videos will give you some seriously essential information if you want to do things correctly and they dig much deeper into some of the topics which are discussed in the PDF.

How much does this course cost?

When the course goes live, it will be available at an early bird price of just $7, but you will need to be quick because the price will begin to go up fast, and I mean it will be fast if it’s as popular as Art’s other courses.

Then as you go through the process of purchasing this course, you will be given the change to purchase two one-time-offers. The first consists of three case studies, plus a whopping thirty done-for-you gigs. The other is a profit booster pack, which includes five more methods, plus a ranking blueprint. I would say that both of these offers are pretty essential and should definitely be worth considering.

In conclusion, what do I think?

I would definitely recommend this course. It’s mega simple and fast to implement and the gigs are in such high demand that buyers are going to be coming back over and over again. The bonuses are a great addition and will definitely equip you with what you need to know if you want to beat your competition.